Empowering People to Build the Body and Life Of Their Dreams Through Custom Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Without sacrificing the foods you love 

Our Proven 3 Pillar Approach

Nutrition Planning

Custom nutrition plans that teach you how to enjoy the foods you love while still burning fat. 

  • Detailed grocery lists to show how to eat for less than $7 a day.
  • ​Healthy 10-minute recipes the whole family will love.
  • Super simple tracking system that you can use for the rest of your life so you'll never fall off track again. 

Fitness Planning

Detailed exercise plans for you to follow that are proven to help you get results.

  • Custom build program based on your goals and lifestyle.
  • 20-minutes workouts done in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment.
  • Direct access to your coach whenever you need support

1-1 Coaching/Support

Experienced coaches here to help coach and support you through every step of the process.

  • Weekly 1:1 accountability check-in calls with you coach
  • Unlimited chat and walky-talky support throughout the week
  •  Weekly live group calls with community

Hear Directly From Some Of Our Clients

Meet Your Coaches

Justin Schollard

Just has been a certified fitness and nutrition coach for 18 years. 

After owning 2 gyms in Los Angeles for 9 years he turned his focus to helping people across the country build the life and body of their dreams with Carbon Fitness Method. 

Justin has written 2 books on fitness and nutrition "The Performance Code" and the Amazon best seller "Winning The War On Weight Loss". 

Between his gyms and online programs he estimates that he has helped over 5,000 people reach their health and fitness goal. 

Caitlin Cipriano 

Caitlin has a master's degree from Logan University's nutrition and human performance program, a Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Coach, as well as a Board Certified Athletic Trainer. 

Her extensive experience in understanding the human body and nutrition will mean that will be in excellent hands working with her in your own health and wellness journey. 

Her mission is to help people nourish so that they can flourish. This encompasses taking an individual approach to nutrition, learning how to tune into your body, and creating a better relationship with food. 

When she's not busy with clients she enjoys spending time outside with her husband, two-year-old son, and two dogs as well as creating simple recipes in the kitchen!

Alex Armstrong 

Alex grew up in Atlanta Georgia. A life of playing sports led her to pursue a degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University. After college, Alex moved to Denver where she worked with clients of all ages. She got the opportunity to work with the Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore, where she got to train with developing athletes. 

She has certifications in strength and nutritional coaching, including Precision Nutrition Level 1, CFSC levels 1 & 2, NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, TRX, and Basic olympic lifting. Her goal is to give her clients all the tools they need to succeed and live a happy, healthy life.


Amy burns off 20 lbs in 12 weeks
Post menopause - Stephanie Burned off 21 lbs  
Amer burns off 15 lbs over the holidays 
Chris burned off 35 lbs in 12 weeks 
Farryn drops 25 lbs in 12 weeks 
Patty dropped 24 lbs in 12 weeks 
Omar drops 30 lbs in 12 weeks 
Zee got her pre-baby body back in 12 weeks 
Rebekah dropped 21 lbs in her first 12 weeks 
Leaha burned off 21 lbs in 11 weeks 
Kasia burned off 30 lbs in 16 weeks 
Toni burned off 40 lbs in 6 months 
Meryl got wedding ready in 12 weeks 
Jordan burned 25 lbs in 12 weeks 
Zhyerk dropped 21 lbs over the holidays 
Deidra burned off 21 lbs 
Daria finally understands calories
Jen burned off 13 lbs while traveling over the holidays 
Angela crushes her program and gets amazing results 
Ashley leans out and feels amazing again




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Results above are not guaranteed. As with anything worth doing in life a complete body transformation takes effort and consistency 
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